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As we have now got new blog software on our site we are going to update this one with some of the best blogs from our old one….  Just one or two though – not the whole lot!

Eddie the Eagle Edwards

Worthing Birdman competition was held on Worthing Pier on 14th August 2010 and this year Eddie “the eagle” is jumping for Sparks.  Eddie is a keen supporter for Sparks the childrens research charity and offered his unique expertise to raise the maximum for this worthy cause.

Centre-events were approached by Sparks to help make Eddie a super-hero style outfit to wear on the day….  We are always up for a challenge, so out came the sewing machine, a quick flick of the digital heatpress, a little bit of design and hey presto “Super Eddie” was born.

Eddie was the first competitor ever to represent Great Britain for Olympic Ski Jumping.  In 1988 he competed in the Carlgary Winter Olympic and although he finished last in the competition he went on to win the endearment of fans around the globe, releasing a single and appearing on adverts and talkshows!  Declan Lowney (Film Director) has been planning to make a film about Eddies life!  Actor Rupert Grint (of Harry Potter fame – incase you didnt know!) is to play Eddie, and filming should start when Rupert has finished filming the last Harry Potter film!

Eddie managed to jump 7.52 metres before ending up in the English Channel! Not bad considering he was wearing skis, boots, googles, hat etc.  We were worried the boots might make him sink to the bottom!

He ensured an excellent turnout for the annnual event held in Worthing and everyone involved was grateful for his support.